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Experience Collaborative Labs
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Strategic Planning
Collaborative Labs offers a unique approach that unifies shared visions into one strategic plan.
Creative Business Solutions
Our unbiased team will help balance competing views and keep your team focused on an objective solution.
Immediate Results
We provide a detailed roadmap that allows you to quickly mobilize your organization.
Immediate Results
  • Proven Technology
  • Real-Time Record™
  • Telestration
  • Next business day results
Strategic Planning
  • Program Design
  • Prioritize Strategies
  • Action Plan
  • Accountable Champions
Facilitated Solutions
  • Strength Based Process
  • Team Building
  • Community Visioning
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Customization
  • Real-Time Adaptability
  • Space Rental


"I keep my Real-Time Record, from our Collaborative Lab, on my desk. I use it to find out where I’m going and to make sure that we have attained the goals that we have set for ourselves."

Kevin Lothridge, CEO
National Forensic Science
Technology Center

"I would definitely refer CL to any other CEO. I think they offer a very unique way of extracting the end goal in a very short but very comprehensive and creative way."

Abdul Lateef, CEO

"Participants hit the ground and are active the moment they walk in the door of the Collaborative Labs."

Stephen R. Mason, CEO
BayCare Health System

Why Choose Collaborative Labs?

With more than 10 years of experience in strategic planning and problem solving, we help organizations translate shared visions into successful outcomes. Our talented team of facilitators, technologists, documenters and business illustrators has extensive expertise in eliciting actionable solutions and active participation from your entire team. And with our unique, tech-driven, collaborative approach, all stakeholders become invested in and committed to your desired business outcomes.

We’re Your Partner in Success
As our many satisfied clients will attest, Collaborative Labs’ highly trained staff quickly becomes a strategic extension of your team. We’ve re-imagined problem solving and strategic planning to help participants overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities in a whole new way. Rather than focusing on gaps and deficits, we employ a strength-based approach that highlights core competencies and emphasizes organizational successes. The resulting solutions focus your team’s energies and encourage them to work together to build your best future.
Smart Design, Efficient Process, Immediate Results
Our experts partner with you to develop a collaborative design that drives the collaborative engagement. This intensive, facilitated session maximizes participants’ time and focuses the team’s efforts to accelerate your results and return on investment. Within one business day of your Collaborative Labs engagement, you will receive a comprehensive Real-Time Record™ that outlines actionable plans and serves as your strategic roadmap for success. The ability to engage with Collaborative Labs one day and mobilize your organization the next day is a powerful strategic advantage that is unrivaled in our industry.
Innovative Tools and Advanced Technology
We have pioneered best practices in an innovative program that ensures every stakeholder’s voice is heard as teams evaluate and prioritize ideas. By leveraging leading-edge collaborative technology and proprietary tools, our flexible platform fosters team building and consensus-based solutions to organizational challenges. Even better, our process is fully adaptable to suit your individual preferences – we can host your engagement at our state-of-the-art facility in Clearwater, Florida, or dispatch a technology-equipped mobile team to any venue you choose.