Facilitated Meetings

Through facilitated meetings, organizations are able to reach consensus on key priorities and develop an action plan for immediate implementation. After consulting with our client, we design, facilitate, document and illustrate an intensive and dynamic team session – known as a collaborative engagement – that is customized to achieve measurable outcomes and serve as a roadmap for future success.

Collaborative Labs offers a wide range of facilitated business services, with more than 10 years of experience in strategic planning and collaborative problem solving. Our facilitated meetings include:

  • Strategic Visioning & Planning
  • Organizational & Process Redesign
  • Employee & Customer Focus Groups
  • Community Visioning

We can also serve as your organization’s idea incubator, creative studio and planning factory. Your team can map hundreds of activities and then see the whole plan at once. You can run sophisticated spreadsheets or models, rapidly prioritize action plans with stakeholders or simply brainstorm business strategies with our expert staff.

There is no limit to what you and your team can accomplish with the support of Collaborative Labs. To learn more about our strategic planning services, collaborative problem solving or other types of facilitated meetings, contact us today for further information.

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