Collaborative Technology

Our state-of-the-art facility in Clearwater, Florida, features cutting-edge technology and 10,000 square feet of comfortable meeting and workspace. If you prefer to hold your collaborative engagement at your offices or another local venue, we’ll dispatch a technology-equipped mobile team to any location of your choice.
Through our engaging process and interactive technology, we’ll bring your stakeholders together and help them achieve consensus on a shared strategic vision, priorities and accountability. Our flexible programs are designed to foster creative business solutions that drive immediate results.
Following are some of the dynamic collaborative technologies that we use for large group discussions and team breakouts, both at our collaborative headquarters or we will come to your facility of choice using our Mobile Lab.

Collaborative Labs Mobile Lab
Tablet Personal Computers check check
Visioning & Brainstorming Software check check
Handheld Radio Frequency Voting Devices check check
Paper-Thin Whiteboards check check
Projectors check check
Digital Cameras check check
Web Conferencing check check
Audio/Music System check check
Multiple LAN-Accessible Projectors & Screens check *
LED Displays check *
Large Touch Screen Displays check *
Wireless & Wired Internet Access check *
Color Printers check *
Digital Video Recorders check *

* Equipment and Internet access subject to availability at host facility.

The real value of our services lies not only within our expert facilitation and collaborative technology, but also in how we leverage those resources to provide a practical and actionable roadmap for success. Our comprehensive, real-time documentation of collaborative sessions ensures that all feedback, data and findings are captured in a meaningful way. This Real-Time Record™ is delivered to all participants the next business day, so implementation can begin immediately while momentum remains high.

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