The Collaborative Labs Team

When you partner with Collaborative Labs, you gain access to a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, collaborative problem solving and creative business solutions. For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping organizations achieve successful business outcomes through facilitated meetings that empower stakeholders to reach consensus, unify shared visions and work together toward a common goal.

Meet our executive management team, who will oversee the design and execution of your collaborative engagement, and key members of our dedicated project staff, who facilitate team sessions, engage participants though collaborative technology, and produce a comprehensive written and visual Real-Time Record™ that will serve as your strategic roadmap for success:


Andrea Henning
Executive Director
Andrea has over 26 years leading strategic planning, corporate training and leadership development, including the launch of the Collaborative Labs.  She has facilitated over 1000 regional, national and international engagements.Prior to the Labs, Andrea led corporate training and organizational development for companies including: Chrysler, GE, and Universal Studios.
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PJ Petrick
Project Technologist
PJ Has over 20 years experience in the business and management information systems industry. As the Project Technologist, he manages the technology and assists with facilitating all of our collaborative sessions. With over 1000 engagements under his belt, PJ has become a true leader of innovation and problem solving technologies.
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Laurie Hill
Business Development Officer
Laurie leverages her extensive marketing and business management experience to help match clients to the Collaborative Labs capabilities that will achieve their organizational goals. Laurie has worked in marketing and sales for over 30 years in the secular and faith workplace.
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Milo Paich
Executive Facilitator
Milo excels at designing and facilitating collaborative workshops to accelerate vision, strategy and action in business and government. Milo’s business experience includes 15 years in management and executive roles followed by 20+ years as principal consultant of GlobeThink®. When not at the Labs, Milo serves as a visiting professor in executive MBA programs in Finland and Korea.

Tina Fischer – Manager, Collaborative Labs

Tina Fischer

Tina has over 25 years leading process improvement, corporate training, strategic planning, and facilitation. In addition to facilitating, she manages the operations of Collaborative Labs to ensure successful outcomes for clients.

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Jonathon – Business Illustrator, Collaborative Labs

Jonathon Massie
Business Illustrator
Jonathon is Collaborative Lab’s extraordinary artist. He interprets our discussions into compelling illustrations of vision and strategy. He brings over 20 years’ experience in graphic design and business illustration across nonprofit, government and commercial clients. Jonathan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jonathan’s artistic talents reach beyond the Labs as he is a passionate baker.