Collaborative Labs has more than 10 years of expertise in strategic planning, collaborative problem solving and facilitated meetings. Not only do we custom-design each session and facilitate a highly productive collaborative meeting, but we also produce a written and visual Real-Time Record™ of all activities that is delivered the very next business day. Our extensive roster of satisfied clients is a testament to our value-added partnerships and lasting results. See for yourself why visionary business leaders enthusiastically recommend Collaborative Labs:

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Mark Marquardt of Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen

“I would personally recommend Collaborative Labs, regardless of the nature of an organization’s problem, because I believe the facilitators, the technology and the entire process would enable a CEO to come up with a better solution, or means to getting a solution, than on their own.”

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Abdul Lateef of Plasma-Therm

“I would definitely refer Collaborative Labs to any other CEO. I think they offer a very unique way of extracting the end goal in a very short but very comprehensive and creative way.”

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Kevin Lothridge of NFSTC

“I keep my Real-Time Record, from our Collaborative Lab, on my desk. I use it to find out where I’m going and to make sure that we have attained the goals that we have set for ourselves.”

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Eileen Coogan Boyle of Allegany Franciscan Ministries

“I refer non-profits to Collaborative Labs all of the time. We work with hundreds of non-profit organizations around Tampa Bay; and any time any of them are thinking about creating a business plan, struggling with a strategic issue, almost anything, we refer them to Collaborative Labs.”

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Stephen Mason of BayCare Health System

“Participants hit the ground and are active the moment they walk in the door of the Collaborative Labs. This causes people to get their thought processes moving along. They’re further stimulated, so the group time and the bonding opportunity happen in an informal setting around some pretty formal and important issues. This process is very skillfully done.”

Collaborative Labs Testimonial: Kevin Hourigan of Bayshore Solutions

“Every member that attended the Collaborative Labs session has taken on a larger leadership role within our organization because they have been invited to contribute their thoughts, opinions and knowledge. They now have a deeper stake within Bayshore Solutions as a result of their professional opinions being respected, desired and utilized in the session, and within the organization.”